Women Need Advisory Firm They Can Trust

The subprime housing crisis and prominent investment scandals, such as the extensive Ponzi scheme perpetuated by Bernie Madoff, have left the average investor wondering who to trust and how to grow their retirement and other investments. This is particularly true for women, who sometimes feel especially vulnerable when dealing with financial and investment matters.

Financial Times reported last year on what keeps women from investing. The reason most often cited by the women surveyed was that they view the financial services industry as untrustworthy. They also labeled the industry as “unwelcoming,” “patronizing,” “male-dominated,” “complicated” and “full of jargon.” Women want to invest but many are intimidated and don’t know who to trust – and that leads to inaction that jeopardizes their financial security.

OnCenter Financial is the resource women need now. As a woman-owned business with a philosophy devoted to helping clients advance their knowledge of investments and financial planning, OnCenter is positioned to be the trustworthy advisor women need to ensure their financial security.

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