Bull Market Celebrates 9th Anniversary

The stock market hit a low due to the 2008 financial crisis in March of 2009 and we have been in a bull market ever since. The persistent rebounding of the market over the past 9 years has provided an incredible run for investors. To get a sense of the magnitude, consider this: the S&P 500, a popular index used to measure stock market performance, hit a low of 666.79 on March 6, 2009 and closed at 2,728.12 on March 6, 2018, representing an increase of 309%.

In other words, had you invested $100 per month in an S&P 500 Index fund beginning in March of 2009, your portfolio would have grown to $20,838 as of March 6, 2018. That is an impressive return. The handsome profits realized by investors throughout this time frame further illustrate concepts spotlighted in an earlier blog, which emphasized the critical importance of:

  • Investing in stocks to create wealth
  • Making judicious long-term decisions
  • Staying the course

As we celebrate the 9th year anniversary of the current bull market, we are reminded that the market rewards those with patience, a commitment to a long view and the appropriate percentage of investments in stocks. Making small, consistent investments over time has the power to generate significant wealth. Please call me if you would like to discuss how a customized investment plan can help you achieve your unique financial goals.

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