The whole concept of investments can be very intimidating and, as a woman, I wanted an advisor who I would be very comfortable with and who I knew for certain would always act in my best interest. Carol has a special way about her. She is very approachable, comfortable to be with, and I trust her completely. She is exceedingly bright and has sterling credentials in the investment field. I knew that she had the deep investment expertise I was looking for but I was also swayed to choose her because of her philosophy.

She has consistently emphasized the dangers of investments with high fees, commissioned products, layers of hidden expenses and pyramid pricing arrangements—and I credit her for navigating me through this maze. She has done an outstanding job for me and greatly improved my investment returns. I have also found that the genuine concern, warmth and bit of humor she brings to our discussions has made the somewhat difficult job of planning for retirement an enjoyable journey.

Lynn, Retired High School Teacher

I started working with Carol when I was very young, still in college, in fact. I’ve always been very financial responsible, but I didn’t know what to do or how to get started when it came to investing. It was Carol who educated me on the importance of starting young. She never simply told me to do this or do that. She guided me through the process and explained the rationale behind her recommendations. Carol recommended that I should go with a ROTH IRA, which was the best possible advice. She helped me select mutual funds with no hidden fees or commissions. At age 27, I’m well on my way to a very comfortable retirement thanks to Carol.

Amelia, Sales Representative.

I have a growing business with 4 employees and many senior advisors who work as consultants. I didn’t think the firm managing our 401 account was doing a very good job. The account is worth about $1 million, which—based on the clients our previous manager had—is relatively small. It’s easy to let these small accounts fall through the cracks and not give them the attention they need and that’s exactly what was happening.

There were always unexpected costs, which turned out to be hidden fees and commissions. Just knowing Carol for many years, I knew what kind of person she is, which made the decision to switch over to her a no-brainer. With the other firms, you really have to take them at their word, which is risky. But with Carol, I know I’m dealing with an honest person with a proven record of excellent management and integrity.

Scott, CEO

I worked at a large IT firm and decided to strike out on my own and launch DragonFire IT Consultants. Honestly, starting my own business and providing services to my clients wasn’t what kept me up at night—I know how to do this. What I knew nothing about was financial management and planning for a small business so I turned to Carol. She loves what she does and knows how to explain it to non-experts, like me. Together, we looked at all of my options.

Carol is incredibly enthusiastic, informative and passionate—especially about avoiding hidden fees and commissions. She gave me the crash course on how hidden costs can destroy your investments. I’m extremely happy about where my company is financially and I give that credit to Carol. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and you know she’s on your side. That’s the greatest benefit of working with Carol: peace of mind.

Zack Ullmo, Founder DragonFire IT Consultants, Chagrin Falls, Ohio