You’ve got important priorities

Retiring in style. Funding your children’s educations. Supporting a charity. Leaving a legacy. You’ve got important priorities. OnCenter’s comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services draw on time-tested financial strategies and modern research insight to chart the course for financial success.

As an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, OnCenter Financial has a fiduciary responsibility to act exclusively in the best interest of the client. We have no conflicts of interest, liberating us to focus solely on selecting the optimal investments with the lowest fee structures to maximize client wealth. When you are an OnCenter client, you know there are never any hidden fees, commissions or incentives to put you in high cost investment products.

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White House Moves To Protect Investors From Bad Retirement Advice

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President Urges New Rules to Help Safeguard Retirement Savings

Former President Obama called on the U.S. Department of Labor to impose new rules targeting abusive fees and pricing schemes imposed by some financial advisory practitioners. The regulations required individuals who provide financial advice relative to retirement plans and IRAs to put clients’ interests first — above advisors’ profit-making incentives.

New regulations were requested because most advisors are not legally required to have fiduciary responsibility to their clients. As a result, American investors can be subjected to high hidden fees, pyramid schemes, and backdoor payments that cost American investors an estimated $17 billion dollars per year.

Opposition to such practices is why I founded OnCenter Financial Advisors, and it’s the reason that the CFA Institute, the world’s largest associate of investment professionals, supported the new regulations. Unfortunately, fierce opposition from special-interest groups ultimately overturned the new rules but OnCenter’s policies have and always will protect investors  from these abusive practices.