Unique Model

Financial planning can be daunting and time-consuming, and traditional Wall Street firms may only add to the complexity without improving returns. Between hidden fee schedules and mixed incentive structures, the pricing structure at many traditional advisory firms does not always have your best interests at heart.

As an independent, boutique financial advisor, OnCenter can instead offer truly unbiased guidance.  At OnCenter, the focus is on performance.  We do not have any hidden fees nor do we accept any commissions or fee-sharing agreements from outside parties.

Ours is a model founded upon independence and objectivity.  As a result, our interests are entirely aligned with those of our clients, and we can focus solely on maximizing client wealth through strategic investment management and personalized financial planning.  OnCenter puts you in the driver’s seat to set your financial goals, and then works diligently to help you meet those goals through a combination of time-tested financial strategies and modern research insight.  OnCenter brings together this proven investment approach with a broad range of retirement, estate, charitable giving, education, and tax planning services to provide you the highest quality, comprehensive financial planning advice.